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Your little one is in great hands

It's time to get passionate about your child's musical journey

When you find a teacher who can bring out the best in your child and help them discover their own unique sound, their musical voice, social, cognitive and physical skills will all improve beyond measure.
Mother and Child Sharing Love


You're a loving parent who wants your child to find ways of expression through various creative means.


Wanting the best for your child, you already know that music is an incredible way to help them grow and develop.


You'll love how your child develops as they embark on their musical journey:


  • They'll become more creative

  • They can express themselves better

  • Their cognitive skills will increase

  • Their memory will improve

  • Their social skills will be boosted

Best of all, you'll feel immensely satisfied that you've given your child the best head start possible.

Young Boy Enjoying Playing the Piano


If you put yourself in your child's mind, you might wonder why they would want to learn music.

Firstly, they absolutely love mastering a musical instrument. It gives them a real sense of achievement, pride and joy.

In a world that can be difficult for all children, those who learn music feel better about themselves, and that's invaluable.


The best part is, it takes just a couple of lessons for them to start making music. When you see your child's face light up as they show you what they've learned, you'll whole heartedly encourage them to continue their musical journey.

Jumping for Joy Child


You need a music teacher who  thoughtfully crafts and infuses music education with vibrancy, dynamism and excitement, because children thrive in that kind of environment.

By fostering a lively learning experience, your child will gain a lifelong love and appreciation for music.


They will feel empowered to unleash their full potential and express themselves through the universal language of melody and rhythm.

As a professional musician and music teacher of 30 years, I created  "Musical Cashews" to unlock your child's musical potential in a fun, engaging and supportive way.

Let's make some noise

Ready to start your child making music without the stress of wondering if they can do it, worrying about the teacher's qualifications, or travelling long distances?

Imagine a world where children have access to professional music teaching right from the start, so that their innate musical ability is recognised, valued and nurtured.

Hey there, I'm Samantha and I am beyond excited to bring Musical Cashews lessons to Seer Green, Beaconsfield, Bucks!

Have you ever seen a cashew nut?

They may be small, but they packed with talent!


And that's exactly what I believe about children - they have an innate musical ability just waiting to be nurtured and developed.


So, with Musical Cashews, we tap into that talent and create some seriously amazing music!

When your child becomes a Musical Cashew, they'll be warmly welcomed into their learning environment.

Their class will be tailored to cater to your child's age and skill level so they can grow in confidence, ability and joy with me, their dedicated professional music teacher.

As your child learns the language of music in an accessible and simple way, they'll feel like they have a Babel Fish in their ear for ever! Their new language will open up their life in brand new ways. such as being able to compose, improvise and read music. 

Their lessons will also have lots of kinesthetics elements so they can learn through their body which bypasses that stubborn brain that doesn't always want to learn. You child will love these sessions, and they won't even notice that they are learning music at the same time.

Say hello to your child's unique musical expression

Because my approach to music education is carefully constructed to include all the necessary elements to help your child thrive and succeed musically, your child will develop into a unique musical hero.

So now you are ready for you child to unlock their musical potential in a fun, engaging and supportive environment, then sign them up to Musical Cashews now.

I can't wait to work with you and your child and help them discover the joy of music!

With warm wishes

Samantha Rowe
your chief Musical Cashew
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